The first sentence of our American Kennel Club Akita Standard states, "Large, powerful, alert, with much substance and heavy bone."  Obviously this sentence alone holds much importance in the total standard.  This is why we try continuously to never lose sight of the American Akita Standard. 

The head should be broad, forming a blunt triangle. In fact, the entire head itself should be a symphony of triangles. The head should be "massive", but in balance with the body and free of wrinkle. The ears are characteristic of the breed and should be small in comparison to the head... They should be thick, erect, and triangular in shape. The Akita was bred for great strength, and a resounding durable, sturdy body, suitable for hunting in mountainous terrain.  This information is imperative to our breeding program.  Please enjoy your visit with Our Dogs... and visit again soon!

-- Colleen & Holster pictured above --



If you would like to schedule an appointment to stop by and meet our family in person, please contact us via email to set up an appropriate time; we are not a place of business and do not have hours open to the public, this is our home and we do require prior correspondence before you plan to visit in person. 
Thank you for your understanding.


Please know that your right to own an animal is at risk.  Your choice to purchase an animal from a reputable breeder who raises, nurtures, and socializes their puppies in their home will be a thing of the past.
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