Surprise Surprise... along comes "Sail".  Isn't it funny how "Murphy's Law" works?!  When you let your guard down believing it could never happen, well it does!... That's right, Sail was an accident.  Not to say we love her any less than if we had planned on her coming into this world, but...

Seriously though we are very excited about his girl and YEAH... she's a brindle!  Talk about attitude... yep, she's got it a plenty.  

A big thank you to my buddy Alicia Meyer for being there for me... 
Love ya lots!



  Ch. T'Stone's The Hustler ROMP
  BIS BISS Ch. Sondaisas Cuervo Gold AOM ROMP
  Ch. Sondaisas Golden Gait  ROMP
SIRE ::   Ch. Sondaisas Site For Sore Eyes ROM
  Ch. Kamikazi's Kobi
  Ch. MajikSun's First Contact ROMP
  Ch. Moonlights Pride Rock Nala
  Ch. OBJ Striped Kareem Skylake
  Ch. Skylakes Tokyo Rose ROMP
  Soreina Meisha
DAM ::    Ch. Sondaisas Rose River Tmbersky ROMPX
  Ch. Northstar Coors Silver Bullet CD ROM
  Ch. TimberskysBrawnOfSondaisa MNLT CD
    Ch. Northstars Crime of Passion ROM


Sail's Information:

Breeder ::  Colleen Sullivan & Alicia Meyer
Owner ::  Dr Rebecca Kestle &
 Colleen Sullivan
DOB ::  May 9, 2004
OFA ::  Good
CERF ::  Annually


Updated: 09/27/2012

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