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Ch. Sondaisa Four Wheelin Dream
Call Name: Trucker 
Owner: Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Sondaisa Silver River at Fen-Den
Call Name: Sweetie
Owner: Nancy Dennis
Ch. Sondaisa Spy at Timbersky
Call Name: Secret
Owners: Colleen Sullivan & Jodi Lundin
Am/Can AOM Ch. Sondaisa Shiver Shot Stardust ROM
Call Name: Sauza
Owners: Colleen Sullivan & Rick and Teresa Witte
Ch. Sondaisas Golden Gait ROMP
Call Name: Gold
Owners: Rick and Teresa Witte & Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Sondaisa The Buccaneer
Call Name: Buc
Owner: Janet Voss
Ch. Sondaisa The Secrets Out
Call Name: Whisper
Owner: Pat Slavik & Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Sondaisas Street Legal at Kokoro
Call Name: Cruise
Owners: Jeff & Julie Mayes
Ch. Timbersky Top Secret Shiojiri
Call Name: Devon
Owners: Marcie Howard & Jodi Lundin
Ch. Sondaisa Setting The Standard
Call Name: Shimmer
Owner: Colleen Sullivan
BISS AOM Ch. Sondaisas Roping The Wind CD CGC ROMP  
Call Name: Gonta
Owned and dearly loved by Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Sondaisa Double Exposure
Call Name: Mason
Owners: Elizabeth & Brad Fulghum
BISS Am/Can Ch. Sondaisa Clyde The Glide AOM
Call Name: Drexler
Owners: Dr. Tim & Cindy Burns
Ch. Sondaisas Rave Reviews AOM
Call Name:  Rave
Owners: Pat Slavik & Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Sondaisas Special Request
Call Name: Lyric
Owner:  Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Sondaisas Strike A Pose
Call Name: Fendi
Owners: Anna Regan & Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Sondaisas Straight Shot
Call Name: Rifle
Owner: Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Sondaisas Trendy Style
Call Name: Trendy
Owners: Ray & Rita Helmken
Ch. Sondaisas Rose River Timbersky ROMXP
Call Name: River
Owners: Colleen Sullivan & Jodi Lundin
Ch. Sondaisas Aim Is True
Call Name: Javelin
Owner: Janie Burton
Ch. Sondaisas Top Gun Westar
Call Name: Gunner
Owners: Steve & Marilyn Walker
Ch. Sondaisas Third Watch
Call Name: Bosco
Owners: Chasity & Brett Goodner
BISS Ch. Sondaisa Snapshot CD CGC ROMP
Call Name: Fashion
Owner: Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Sondaisas Don Julio Real
Call Name: Cabo
Owners: Carol Friedman & Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Sondaisa Little Rose Furlong
Call Name: Rosie
Owner: Anthony Markellos
Ch. Sondaisas Shaken Not Stirred
Call Name: Bond
Owner: Dr. Rebecca Kestle DVM
Ch. Sondaisa Second Rising Sun
Call Name: Kiele
Owner: Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Sondaisas Kwiat Yankee Rose CGC
Call Name: KeKe
Owners: Ron & Tracy Wozniak
Ch. Sondaisas Full Sail Majik
Call Name: Sail
Owners: Dr. Rebecca Kestle DVM & Colleen Sullivan
Ch. American Lets Dance Sondaisa
Call Name: Faith
Owners: Dan and Danielle Overstreet & Colleen Sullivan
Am/Can Ch. Sondaisas Rogue River
Call Name: Rogue
Owners: Tawnya Lapp & Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Sondaisa Soaking Up The Sun
Call Name: Tuscany
Owner: Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Timberskys Snowy River
Call Name: Slushy
Owner: Marcie Howard
BIS BISS Ch. Sondaisas Cuervo Gold AOM ROMP
Call Name: Cuervo
Owners: Colleen Sullivan, Rick & Teresa Witte and Alicia Meyer
BISS Ch. Timbersky for Summits On Top
Call Name: Summit
Owner: Jodi Lundin
Ch. Sondaisa Stardust The Right Stuff
Call Name: Dakota
Ch. Timbersky
Call Name: Blade
Ch. Stardust Steppin Out
Call Name: JJ
Owners: The Rosenburgs
Ch. Timbersky The Thunder Rose
Call Name: Jeri
Owner: Jodi Lundin
Ch. Stardust's Stranger In Town
Call Name: Seger
Owners: The Abels
Ch. Stardust Got Music N Me Liric
Call Name: Music
Owner: Lisa Coffey
Ch. Sondaisa Back In Black
Call Name:  Shade
Owner: Amy Hamilton
Ch. Stardust Pride In My Stride
Call Name: Strider
Owners: Donna Bennett
Ch. Sondaisas Gunsmoke
Call Name: Marshal
Owner: Cindy Keen
BISS AOM Ch. Sondaisa The Cats Outta The Bag
Call Name:  Cougar
Owner: Pat Slavik
Ch. AOM Sondaisas Quick Draw McGraw
Call Name: McGraw
Owner: Colleen Sullivan
MULTI Ch. Sondaisas Seize The Moment AOM
Call Name: Score
Owners: Colleen Sullivan & Alicia Meyer
Ch. Sondaisas Site For Sore Eyes ROM
Call Name:  Chrome
Owners: Colleen Sullivan & Alicia Meyer
Ch. MajikSun's Bet On Black
Call Name: Roulette
Owner: Alicia Meyer
Ch. MajikSun's Ultimate Payoff
Call Name: Vegas
Owners: Bill Grant, Bruce Hazelton & Alicia Meyer
Ch. MajikSun-ET's Luck Be A Lady
Call Name: Jewel
Owners: Tom & Eloise Thornton, Alicia Meyer
MULTI Ch. MajikSun's Arctic Circle Star
Call Name: Santtu
Owner: Saila Niskanen - Finland
Am/Can Ch. Sondaisa Stacked Style
Call Name: Style
Owners: Tawnya Lapp & Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Pattern's Stray Cat Strutz
Call Name: Strutz
Owners:  Pat Slavik
Ch. Celebrite's Picture Perfect
Call Name: Kodak
Owner: Kelly Burleson
Ch. Sondaisa Symbol of Excellence
Call name:  Trophy
Owners: Colleen Sullivan and Sterling Milton
Ch. Sondaisa Attention To Details
Call Name: Story
Owner: Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Sondaisa Patron Gold d Orguyo
Call name: Patron
Owners: Carlos Rodriguez & Javier Ventura
Ch. Sondaisa Black Powder
Call Name: Ruger
Owner: Carrie Holgate and Colleen Sullivan
Ch. Sondaisa Spice It Up
Call Name: Saylor
Owner: Colleen Sullivan and Monica Amae
Ch. Rayrita's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Owner: Ray and Rita Helmken
Ch. Celebrite's Sneak Preview
Call Name: Cinema
Owner: Kelly Burleson
Ch. Sondaisa Special Effects
Call Name: Sequin

Owner:  Monica Amae and Colleen Sullivan


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